ability to do or act; capability of doing or accomplishing something;   great or marked ability to do or act;
strength; might; energy; authority



You are designed for success and fulfillment.

You are designed to meet the potential inside of you that IS you.  Your self-awareness is key to streamlining your consciousness within your dynamic intelligence inherent to you as human being- physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually. By focusing your Awareness on what you want-, understanding who you are  and engaging  your creative power you can live a meaningful, successful & fulfilled life on your terms. And it does depend what you dream of, what you want, and what you love to do.

Through tuning into a person's star chart, I see their potential based on their astrological blueprint. I help them to align with who they are, by affirming and speaking to their Core and attuning them to their purpose/ mission in life.

I will help you clear-out old patterns of self-doubt, negative thoughts and unconscious beliefs stopping you from living life as fully as you are meant to live it. You will gain insight about what you love, feel confident, and more clear about who you are and why you are here during this time on Earth.


  a fixed luminescent point in the sky that is a large, incandescent body like the sun;      an outstandingly good or successful person; a symbol of excellence.

    The Ancients used Star Wisdom to navigate the internal territory of the Soul to guide a being on their Earth Journey. Atlantean New Earth Astrology is a methodology of tuning into an astrology birth chart that taps into the heart of each Zodiacal Sign & Planet as it uniquely flows through an individual.

  Atlantean New Earth Astrology 


a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation or transmutation.


Alejandra Sophia

soul astrologer + heart coach

Starpower Alchemy is my name for the transformation a person undergoes to unite their soul with their Core Energy. As the myriad layers of Life on Earth are powered by the Sun- our central Star in the Solar System- so is your life empowered by your Spirit. One's spirit is energized by meeting the requisites of your Soul. when you align with your Core creative energy you ignite the Star inside of YOU- your potential energy. astrology readings & monthly horoscope