Before I had a reading with Alejandra I had ended a two-year relationship and was feeling disconnected, lonely and unsure about my future. 
The session revealed a reoccurring pattern where I focus on giving so much to others that I'm left depleted. Alejandra opened the session with a beautiful invocation which set the tone for the entire reading. I was very aware that I was surrounded by a loving Presence and that I must call in times of distress, loneliness and fear. 
Self love and taking time to renew myself was a persistent message that came through Alejandra. I left the session feeling grounded and confident that with this knowledge, that I'll gracefully navigate the winds of change fully supported. 
This reading helped me dive deeper into self-acceptance and love. 
I recommend Alejandra wholeheartedly to anyone who desiring a deeper understanding of their 


I experienced a deep healing and profound energetic shift through Alejandra's reading. She is deeply connected to forces beyond the seen world and brings the power of these to illuminate the chart. I feel empowered with clearer seeing of my strengths and challenges and the path of my true destiny. Super excited to continue walking this path with this knowledge. thank you Alejandra!

The reading was a beautiful experience of feeling seen and honored for who I truly am. After being seen through my own and others' self-doubt, confusion, fear and judgment, it was so healing to feel truly understood. I not only felt accepted- like it was ok to be me, but I felt cherished- like it was important to be me. It was amazing to be me, including the things that I struggle with. The description of my struggles helped me realize why they were not a weakness or shameful, but very important parts of my path. I realized so much that had kept me stuck in just one hour.  The way she shed light upon these struggles was empowering, honoring, and filled with hope. Alejandra also spoke to my gifts and aspects of my being that can guide, protect, and strengthen me- offering big-picture as well as specific, practical things to work with and focus on.
I listen to the recording of my reading often and I continuously work to let it open up in me and integrate into my life. Alejandra's words and the energy they hold are so powerful in each moment she speaks. Listening to and working with the reading is transforming my experience of myself and my life....reprogramming my beliefs and helping me tune in to things in a different way on a daily basis.


I have been involved with astrologists and readings for over 30 years.  I have never met someone that embody's the perspective of Alejandra.  The depth and precision of what is going on underneath the surface is so profound that I find myself needing a reading at east once a year if not twice.  There is something that I can’t explain about the way she conveys wisdom.  She speaks not only to my heart, but also to my head in a language that my soul feels.  Every time she does a reading, really, every. single. time. I feel as if I am put back on course.  Thank you for sharing your wisdom with the world.  I am eternally grateful!!